Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet My Machine - Bernina 750QE

I love reading about different types of sewing machines!  This time, I have decided to link up with the linky party over at The Tilted Quilt for the Meet My Machine blog hop currently going on

The Tilted Quilt

I got my new machine the week after this past Thanksgiving.  I have been in LOVE ever since.  

My Machine
Bernina 750QE
My current machine is the Bernina 750QE.  I had been in the market for a new machine for awhile and I first test drove one of these beauties in October and just couldn't get it out of my mind.  I finally pulled the trigger and ordered her at Quilt Festival in Houston and picked her up the week after Thanksgiving.  I haven't officially named her, although my husband says I should name her Betty.  The jury is still out on that one.

Things I love about this machine:
REALLY EVERYTHING!  I am still learning about this machine and am scheduled to take three classes on her next week but for now I will say I love these things about the machine specifically - 
  • Automatic thread cutter - how did I survive before?!
  • Speed control of the machine is adjustable 
  • The lights!  She is bright with 30 LED lights on her!
  • Large throat space for quilting
  • Pretty, pretty, pretty stitches every time
  • BSR
  • Super large bobbins!
  • Dual feed system
  • Needle up/down
I would definitely recommend this model to anyone!  I love love love this machine.  The only downside that I can note about this machine is her weight.  She is a heavy girl but that is okay with me as I don't plan on moving her around often.

The machine I upgraded from was the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter.  I sewed on her for almost two years and while she was great to learn to sew and quilt on, she was limited in her abilities.  I was frustrated with they way she would chew up fabric and she just had tension issues too frequently for my liking.  The tension issues were the worst when I would free motion quilt.  I do still use her as she is my traveling machine.  Here is a side by side comparison of my old and new machine.  Check out the size difference!

Side by Side

I also have these two machines.  The aqua one is a Singer 338 and she is a tank!  My Mom received this machine as a high school graduation gift.  I remember sewing on her, here and there, as a child and she still does work but could use a good tune up.  Funny, the machine still smells the same way that it smelled when I was a kid!  Who knows what that smell is, but I kind of like it.

Singer 338

I just received this black Singer from my sister as a gift this past weekend!  I know nothing about it!  I haven't even tried to turn it on yet, but she is pretty.

New Acquisition

My sewing space needs some major organization, but I will share a few pictures anyway.  Currently I sew in the back part of our family room behind our sofa, affectionately called "The Nook."  I have some storage in the nook but the majority of my fabric lives upstairs.  I recently purchased some comic book boards to neatly organize my fabric but just haven't done it yet.  I also want to figure out a way to move my fabric downstairs to the sewing nook.  One day.  One day.

Sewing space

Messy fabric shelf

Thank you for stopping by my little blog!  I am looking forward to reading all of the machine posts!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Finish It Up Friday

I have a small finish to share this Friday.  Small, but super cute!  

2 bibs

I made these cute bibs from charm squares.  The pattern I used is called Charming Bibs from Thimble Blossoms.  I just love her patterns.  Her patterns are well written and totally my style!  The fabric I used is from Andover and it is called Asbury and is designed by Thomas Knauer.  I received a charm pack of this new line at Quilt Con and I really love this line - bright and fun prints - especially those ice cream cones!

I am linking up to Finishing It Up Friday with Amanda Jean today.  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Has It Been a Month?!

Wow.  It has been one month since my last post!  That is terrible.  Where did the month go?  I am not sure.  I do know that I have been out of town for three of the past four weekends, so that is part of it!

Anyway, I try to sew as much as I can, when I can, and am thinking about what I want to create when I am not able to sit down at my machine.

Here are a few things I have been up to lately -

Jelly Roll Race -

My LQS had a jelly roll race a week ago.  I have made this kind of quilt top before but never raced!  It was fun!  I didn't place at the race but had a good time sewing with friends.  I used the bright and cheery fabric - Tradewinds by Lily Ashbury for this one and am pleased with how it turned out.

jelly roll race

Houndstooth Baby Quilt -

I finished the Houndstooth Baby Quilt top that I have been working on for a few weeks.  I found myself working on this one sporadically.  Quilters A.D.D. I guess!  Anyway, I am glad it is done and need to find some fabric for the back.  This is a for a baby that is due in June so I am still ahead of the game!  The pattern is Houndstooth by V&Co and I used purple and grey Bella Solids for the fabrics.  


Hexagon Quilt -

Last month, I was fortunate enough to attend QuiltCon in Austin!  It was a great experience and I need to do a post on that so I won't forget the experience.  Anyway, one of the classes I took was taught by Jacquie Gering.  She was a great teacher and I am really glad to have taken her class. In the class we learned how to machine piece hexagons!  I am pretty slow at the process but enjoying the result.  Like the Houndstooth quilt above, I work on this one for a little while and then put it away for awhile.  I don't have a picture of my progress yet, so this is the picture from the design wall in the class.  The fabric I am using is Lily Belle by Bari J. for Art Gallery.  I love these fabrics!!

Hexie quilt WIP

I need to go back and update all of my WIP's but I am afraid to!  Eek!  Too many to count!  Linking up to WIP Wednesday with Freshly Pieced today.  Thank you for stopping by!