Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet My Machine - Bernina 750QE

I love reading about different types of sewing machines!  This time, I have decided to link up with the linky party over at The Tilted Quilt for the Meet My Machine blog hop currently going on

The Tilted Quilt

I got my new machine the week after this past Thanksgiving.  I have been in LOVE ever since.  

My Machine
Bernina 750QE
My current machine is the Bernina 750QE.  I had been in the market for a new machine for awhile and I first test drove one of these beauties in October and just couldn't get it out of my mind.  I finally pulled the trigger and ordered her at Quilt Festival in Houston and picked her up the week after Thanksgiving.  I haven't officially named her, although my husband says I should name her Betty.  The jury is still out on that one.

Things I love about this machine:
REALLY EVERYTHING!  I am still learning about this machine and am scheduled to take three classes on her next week but for now I will say I love these things about the machine specifically - 
  • Automatic thread cutter - how did I survive before?!
  • Speed control of the machine is adjustable 
  • The lights!  She is bright with 30 LED lights on her!
  • Large throat space for quilting
  • Pretty, pretty, pretty stitches every time
  • BSR
  • Super large bobbins!
  • Dual feed system
  • Needle up/down
I would definitely recommend this model to anyone!  I love love love this machine.  The only downside that I can note about this machine is her weight.  She is a heavy girl but that is okay with me as I don't plan on moving her around often.

The machine I upgraded from was the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter.  I sewed on her for almost two years and while she was great to learn to sew and quilt on, she was limited in her abilities.  I was frustrated with they way she would chew up fabric and she just had tension issues too frequently for my liking.  The tension issues were the worst when I would free motion quilt.  I do still use her as she is my traveling machine.  Here is a side by side comparison of my old and new machine.  Check out the size difference!

Side by Side

I also have these two machines.  The aqua one is a Singer 338 and she is a tank!  My Mom received this machine as a high school graduation gift.  I remember sewing on her, here and there, as a child and she still does work but could use a good tune up.  Funny, the machine still smells the same way that it smelled when I was a kid!  Who knows what that smell is, but I kind of like it.

Singer 338

I just received this black Singer from my sister as a gift this past weekend!  I know nothing about it!  I haven't even tried to turn it on yet, but she is pretty.

New Acquisition

My sewing space needs some major organization, but I will share a few pictures anyway.  Currently I sew in the back part of our family room behind our sofa, affectionately called "The Nook."  I have some storage in the nook but the majority of my fabric lives upstairs.  I recently purchased some comic book boards to neatly organize my fabric but just haven't done it yet.  I also want to figure out a way to move my fabric downstairs to the sewing nook.  One day.  One day.

Sewing space

Messy fabric shelf

Thank you for stopping by my little blog!  I am looking forward to reading all of the machine posts!


  1. Hello Meredith,

    I've just nipped over on the linky party to see your machines.

    I know exactly what you mean about the smell of old machines. It's metal and oil and it's lovely.

    Your vintage machine is a model 66. To make sure, measure the bed of the machine. Is it 15 and a half inches by 7 inches? If it is smaller, 12 inches by 6 and a half, then it is a model 99. A model 66 is a stretched out version of the 99. They both thread up in exactly the same way.

    I hope you get your old machine up and running. If the motor is past it you can always put it in a treadle table...

    Love from England,

  2. Visiting from the blog hop seeing your machines...that Bernina is quite large...I'm sure it's a great machine. I have a Bernina 350PE and I love it. I think your stash shelf is lovely too!

  3. Hi, Meredith - Love learning about your machine. I purchased a Bernina215 for Christmas, and I love it as my starter machine - but I have to say I'm jealous of yours! Love all your fabric, and I can't wait to have a stash like that. I use the comic book boards and they are WONDERFUL!

  4. Loved learning about your machines!! And your blue singer is amazing!!
    Thank you so much for linking up with Stacey and I for the Machine hop!

  5. Huge difference in size between your two machines. I also have a stack of unused comic book boards... they are currently under my TV, so that I can see it over the other stuff in the craft room - so I suppose they are a little useful.Cheers, K

  6. I have the Bernina 440QE and was wondering about your model. Now I know!