Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Favorite Schnibble of 2012

Last year I completed all 12 of the monthly Schnibbles projects.  I enjoyed making all of the projects and I really enjoyed seeing how every one's projects looked too.  It is amazing how different they can look simply because of your fabric choices.

The project is taking a break for the first part of the year but starting up again sometime this Spring I think, like maybe April or May.  I can't remember for sure.  Any hoo..... for January we are just supposed to feature our favorite Schnibble of 2012.  Here is mine - 

Ruby Dimestore

The name of the pattern is called Dimestore and I made it out of Ruby by Bonnie & Camille for Moda.  I just love their pretty fabrics!!  

Ruby Quilting

Here is a close up of my stippling.  I am still trying to get better and have lots of fun quilting like crazy.  I actually have incorporated this into our very limited Valentine decor.  Love the pretty colors.

Please be sure to check out every one's favorites on both Sherri and Sinta's blogs.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dimestore was a wonderful choice... yours is beautiful!

  2. It is a beauty :-) You did a great job with the quilting!! congrats!